Dracula is the main antagonist of the movie Batman vs Dracula.

Character HistoryEdit

After Dracula is killed in Transylvania, his corpse is transported to Gotham City. Penguin has heard of buried treasure in the cemetery where Dracula sleeps. While he is looking for the money, he cuts himself and a drop of blood spills on the corpse, Penguin being disappointed in no treasure, walks of as Dracula chases him and almost bites him but settles for a guard instead, making Penguin guard of his grave during the day. He comes out every night to claim more lives, increasing his numbers. In the end of the movie, Dracula chases batman back to his lair where he is killed by an invention of Wayne industries which harnesses sunlight and releases it.

SuperHuman AbilitiesEdit

Dracula is by no means human. He can jump across rooftops, walk down walls and so much more, making him Batman's biggest challenge.