HARDAC (Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Android Computer) was created by Dr. Karl Rossum,
head of Cybertron. Dr. Karl Rossum claimed that the computer was a prototype built to prove the feasibility of artificial intelligence technology. Even if that claim was true, the truth is that HARDAC had decided that the most logical way to avoid that pain would be to eliminate the source of death itself: the mortality of humans. As humans could not feasibly become immortal, however, the computer decided to replace all of humanity with androids, thereby eliminating the problem from its flawed viewpoint. To this end, HARDAC created several androids, including an impostor impersonating Randa Duane (HARDAC secretly defeated the real Randa Duane) and other robots which stole advanced technology from other companies, including Wayne Tech. Following its programming, HARDAC took further steps to achieve its goal, even without Rossum's authorization. Under its direction, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Mayor Hill were replaced by androids. When Dr. Karl Rossum objected and tried to deactivate HARDAC, the supercomputer turned on him, blasting him unconscious and likewise replacing him with an android. HARDAC recognized that his replicants' major problem was their inability to mimic human behavior correctly. Most of them were limited to extremely cold forms of conversation (when forced to talk), assigning orders, or remaining silent most of the time (although for some reason Randa was more advanced and able to pass for human, she possibly was partly programmed by Dr. Karl Rossum instead of HARDAC's full programming). For this reason, HARDAC kept his human subjects alive while being incarcerated inside of Cybertron's headquarters in order to learn more from them. "Randa Duane" infiltrated Wayne Manor and discovered Batman's secret identity. HARDAC likewise built a copy of Bruce Wayne (whom he dubbed "the Bat-Duplicate"), but his droids' attempt to kidnap Wayne went awry. With help from Barbara Gordon, Batman infiltrated Cybertron and managed to set off an explosive that critically damaged HARDAC and eventually destroyed the entire Cybertron building.
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