Robin is one of Batman's sidekicks and also his adopted son.

Character History and Becoming Robin:

Dick Grayson is a pre teen who worked in a traveling circus with his loving parents. A gang threatened their family if they did not give them money and beat Dick's dad as a warning. About to harm dick and his mother, Dick reveals he had called the police 5 minutes earlier. The batman intercepted the call and saved Dick and his mother and helped out his dad. With three out if 6 members of the crew arrested, the gang plans revenge against Dick Grayson's family. At the next performance, the gang unscrews 2 bolts from a wire, causing Dicks parents to fall to their deaths. At the funeral, Bruce comforts dick as he grieves over his parents, as Bruce still does his. He then asks Dick to be his adopted son, he accepts and then lives with Bruce Wayne and Alfred. After watching Alfred come out of the batcave, he investigates and learns Bruce's secret. Bruce sets out to look for the gang and it's leader. Batman is trapped and held on a circle in which knifes are thrown on. Dick becomes aware and wants to help but not without a disguise. He chooses a uniform he used to wear during his circus performances which becomes his robin suit. As the gang almost strikes batman between the eyes, robin throws a heavy bag at the knife, dropping it to the floor. He and batman defeat the gang then leave them tied for the police as batman tells dick he can fight with him.

Physical appearance:

Dick Grayson is mid height, going up to Bruce's shoulders with medium to long black hair, as robin, he keeps the hair on his forehead back and puts on a mask, leaving his eyes and a small area around them pure white.